8 Things Not to Do on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, which is a virtual certainty nowadays, you have probably been scrolling through your Facebook news feed and thought to yourself certain people you are friends with need a class to become less socially awkward. Well we thought so too, but we couldn’t find it.  Instead, we will go over some of

Overcoming 20/20 Vision

A common problem for a lot of 30 somethings is feeling disappointed with where they are in life.  This is a very easy thing to do given the human tendency to compare your life or accomplishments against those of friends or family. Then there’s the dreaded R-word.   REGRET.  Regret is horrible, it keeps popping up

Top 5 Productivity Apps in 2014

Apps.  We all have them, we all use them.  But lets face it, looking for or downloading a new app and be a little intimidating.  It is nice that there is literally an app for almost everything, the problem for most people lies in the fact that there can be dozens of apps vying for